Soccer - Germany - German Bundesliga 1

  Time Event Home Draw Away  
  900 USD 2600 USD 860 USD
  3600 USD 3200 USD 1100 USD
  1300 USD 1700 USD 350 USD
  630 USD 2000 USD 2200 USD
  1800 USD 2000 USD 1200 USD
  3000 USD 3000 USD 350 USD
  10000 USD 310 USD 200 USD
  360 USD 310 USD 200 USD

Rules that apply to betting on this sport:

4.1 Football (Soccer). Bets on all football matches are applicable to the regular time including compensated time, excluding the bet types "To Qualify" and "Winner", where all the stakes are accepted on the outcome of the opposition between the two teams in general. Compensated time of the first half of the match is considered to be the time, that comes after the end of the 45th minute. The compensated time of the second half of the match is considered to be the time, that comes after the end of the 90th minute. If the match was stopped before the end of the 90th minute or was postponed for more than 48 hours, all bets are canceled, excluding the bets, that had their result definitely determined. For the youth teams matches and friendly matches, all bets are considered on the basis of the ending result of the game (excluding overtime), regardless of the fact, that the regular time was played out in full or not.

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