Ice Hockey - USA - AHL

  Time Event Home Draw Away  
  400 USD 200 USD 310 USD
  360 USD 200 USD 340 USD
  300 USD 200 USD 410 USD
  340 USD 200 USD 360 USD
  370 USD 200 USD 320 USD
  340 USD 200 USD 350 USD
  290 USD 200 USD 430 USD
  310 USD 200 USD 400 USD

Rules that apply to betting on this sport:

4.2 Ice hockey. Bets on all ice hockey matches are applicable to regular time, unless otherwise noted. If accepted with overtime and shootouts that may be played, the line will additionally mention "Incl. OT" or "Moneyline". If the game could not be finished within 48 hours, then a) minimum 55 minutes must have been played and b) official results must be announced by proper authorities; otherwise all bets will be cancelled unless determined by the time of the stoppage.

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