Rugby - Rugby Union - Super Rugby

  Time Event Home Draw Away  
  300 USD 200 USD 200 USD
  220 USD 200 USD 200 USD
  200 USD 200 USD 990 USD
  330 USD 200 USD 200 USD
  300 USD 200 USD 200 USD
  830 USD 200 USD 200 USD
  200 USD 200 USD 900 USD

Rules that apply to betting on this sport:

4.5 American football (NFL).

  • Betting is done inclusive of all possible extra time, unless otherwise stated. If the game results in a tie following overtime, all bets on the winner will be considered void(see Draw rules).
  • All LIVE bets are taken on regular time only, unless otherwise stated. If the bet is taken for the result including overtime, this is shown in the line(example, bets with "incl.OT".
  • Individual bets on a player are cancelled if he is not playing.

4.11 Rugby (Union + League)

  • All bets except for the stakes on 1st Half, Extra Time and Penalties are calculated based on the result of the regular time (two halves of 40 minutes each), unless otherwise stated.
  • For bets on "Tries" only points acquired with “Tries” and “Penalty Tries” are taken for calculation. Conversions, Penalty Kicks and Drop Goals are not taken into account.

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